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Comenius Project  2010 to date

In 2010 we successfully applied to take part in a Comenius Project funded by The British Council. Comenius is part of the European Commissions’s Lifelong Learning Programme, which was launched in 2007. The programme seeks, among other goals, to promote co-operation and mobility, and to strengthen the European dimension in education.

Comenius addresses school education, and is guided by two overall objectives:

In 2010 we formed a partnership with schools in Romania, Germany and Portugal and our joint theme is myths and legends; our focus is the myths and legends surrounding King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. 

In 2013 we began a new project working with partners in different schools from France, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Turkey on ‘Animals in art and nature’.

In October Mrs Davies and Miss Jenkins visited Sweden to set up the project and find out about schools there.

Basingstoke June 2014

mariamiller.jpgFrom 4-6th June 2014 our Comenius partners visited our school.

During the visit some of our School Councillors toured them around school and  they spent time in classrooms finding out what a classroom in an English school is like  and what we learn about. Maria Miller MP and the mayor and Mayoress of Basingstoke visited. They were treated to a variety of dancers from KS2 sharing some of their wonderful dance moves with dances from around the world. Our visitors had the opportunity to see some of the children’s great work about Poland, Portugal, Germany, France, Turkey and Sweden.

The teachers from other countries, Maria Miller and the Mayor and Mayoress were all very impressed with the excellent work which the children had produced. A huge well done to everyone!


Turkey March 2014

turkey1.jpgIn March Miss Smith, Mrs Walton, Mr Smith and Miss Jenkins visited Turkey.

 We were welcomed to join the children in Turkey at their morning address at school, this took place outside; they didn’t have a school hall like us. Afterwards some children were doing PA and using sticks to stretch.             

We saw different animals native to Turkey including a goat (this one was very friendly!), a tortoise wandering about in the wild and even a lizard  - can you see it on the rock? 

We shared some wonderful work from Fairfields. During World Week each year group made a book of an animal native to the country they were studying, travelling around the country.

Here we can see our Portuguese friends looking at Year 4’s story about a wolf, Year 2’s story about two elks and FS’ book about two hedgehogs going on a royal hunt in the UK.

Sweden October 2013

sweden1.jpgIn October Mrs Davies and Miss Jenkins visited Sweden to set up the project and find out about schools there.

We found out that children start school much later in Sweden and that they have large playgrounds with woodland areas, wooden huts, playground equipment and even a football pitch.

There was lots of seafood to eat in Sweden (and some meatballs too). They are also famous for their cinnamon rolls - some were bigger than your face.

We visited the Universeum and saw fish from the mountainous areas, and frogs and beavers which are native to Sweden.

 We found some similarities to Basingstoke, such as children walking to school, a toy shop and even the shop – Tiger.

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