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Becoming a School Governor

What is the Governing Body?

We are a group of people, who care about children and their learning and who aim to help the school provide the best possible education for its pupils. The Governing Body has a strategic role in the development of the school and works in partnership with the head teacher and staff, supporting and challenging their work. Essentially we aim to support the staff in making the school as good as it can be for all of the children.

Who can be a School Governor?

Anyone who cares about children’s learning can become a governor. You may have a child in the school, or be a member of staff (teaching or non-teaching), or you may be part of the local community. Anyone in these groups could be eligible to become a member of the Governing Body.

How Heavy is the Workload?

All governors are expected to attend the meetings of the full Governing Body that take place each half term. Some work is delegated to committees and all governors are asked to become members of one of these two committees :

The committees meet each half term; meetings usually start at 6.15pm and rarely finish later than 8.00pm

However, the most interesting bit about being a governor is often the time that you spend in school talking to staff and children and all of our governors visit school during the day as often as they can manage it. Some have responsibility for finding out about particular areas of the curriculum such as English or Special Educational Needs and others are attached to Year groups. You will be asked to write a short report after a school visit, but we do have a proforma to help with this.

Should I be Worried about the Amount of Responsibility?

You don’t carry the responsibility personally. The members of the Governing Body have joint responsibility to make sure the school is meeting all its legal requirements. They do not become involved in day-to-day management issues – that is the role of the head teacher.

Is Training Available?

All new Governors are provided with the support of a more experienced member of the governing body when they join. They are also provided with an induction pack. In addition there are courses on a variety of subjects, including Introduction to Governance and we would highly recommend attending some of these courses.

Where can I get more Information?

Our governors are always happy to talk to prospective governors; there are always governors in the school hall on open evenings. There are also many websites where you can find out more information such as:

HANTSWEB - Information for Prospective Governors

DIRECTGOV - Becoming a school governor

Governor FAQs