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At Fairfields, we celebrate the diverse range of cultures, languages and religions represented by our pupils, their families and communities. We hope that you find the resources and information available useful to support EAL learners in your classroom. If you come across a useful website or content please let us know. The content on the Network & EAL pages is updated as often as possible, so please visit regularly, and bookmark those that particularly interest you.

Young Interpreters

YI.jpgThe Young Interpreter Scheme has been in place at Fairfields for over 6 years. Through use of their home languageĀ and other specific communication techniques, children at the school have been trained to support others who are learning English as an additional language. The scheme provides support to new arrivals with EAL and school staff but it also gives the interpreters themselves the experience of communicating and empathising with others and working within a team. It encourages the development of friendships too.

Find out more about implementing the Young Interpreter Scheme in your school. The link includes contact details to obtain your Young Interpreters Pack which contains all the resources needed to train your Young Interpreters.

Click here to read more about the Public Services award which has been presented to the Young Interpreter Project.

Response Partners

Response partners allow children the chance to rehearse their answers or ideas with a carefully chosen partner before sharing those ideas with others or writing them down. For an EAL child this has worked particularly well to improve self esteem and confidence in the classroom. Our EAL children can check their answer is correct with their partner before offering suggestions to the class which is much less daunting. We pair our early acquisition EAL learners with two other good role model response partners to make a three. This allows the EAL child, who may be more reluctant or less confident to speak, to listen to others speaking English.

Response partners are used across the board at Fairfields Primary School and we have found the use of response partners to be a valuable tool to create speaking and listening opportunities, benefiting not only our EAL children but the class as a whole. Find out more about using Response Partners in your school.

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