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PATH - Helping your Child to do well

Children spend significantly longer with their parents/carers that they do with their teachers and so it is really important that we work as a team to help your child to achieve the best that they can in school. There is a very simple PATH that you can follow to help support your child with his/her learning:


Please get your child to school on time.  This not only shows your child that you think school is important, but also gets their day off to a good start.  Children who are late:


Please avoid keeping your child off school unless they are too poorly to attend or there is some other exceptional circumstance.  There is, not surprisingly, a clear link between high attendance and high attainment.  Have a look at these examples:

Show your child that you think school is important by making sure their attendance is as good as it can be.


Please talk to:

You will be told about what the children will be learning at the beginning of each term so that you can encourage your child by helping them choose library books, looking out for suitable programmes on television or perhaps planning family outings for example.  This will show your child that you expect them to work hard so please remember to praise their efforts to do well.


Please make sure that your child has somewhere quiet to do their homework  and encourage them not to leave it until the last minute so that they have time to ask for more information if they need to.  We encourage you to help your child with their homework, but please do not do it for them and, if your child is really struggling with a piece of work, please let their teacher know.

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