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Fairfields Primary School
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School Year Groups

Foundation Stage

FS photo.jpgTeachers:
FS1: Miss Kelly Smith
FS2: Mrs Jenny Moseley

Summer 2017 Timetable for Foundation Stage 1 & 2
Summer 2017 Letter to Foundation Stage

Class Charters for FS1 & FS2

Year 1

Year 1.jpgTeachers:
Class 1C: Mrs Jackie Cox
Class 1D: Mrs Christine Dawson

Summer 2017 Timetable for 1C and 1D
Summer 2017 Letter to Year 1
Class Charters for 1C and 1D
Year 1 Long term planning

Year 2

Year 2 Photo 2.jpgTeachers:
Class 2H: Miss Vicky Harper
Class 2S: Miss Laura Swain

Summer 2017 Timetable for 2H and 2S
Summer 2017 Letter to Year 2
Class Charters for 2H and 2S
Year 2 Long term planning

Year 3


Class 3FM: Miss Faye McKay
Class 3CM: Miss Charlotte Masters

Summer 2017 Timetable for 3CM and 3FM
Summer 2017 Letter to Year 3
Class Charters for 3CM and 3FM
Year 3 Long term planning

Year 4

Year 4.jpg

Class 4R: Miss Michelle Rees
Class 4S: Mr John Stapleton

Summer 2017 Timetable for 4R and 4S
Summer 2017 Letter to Year 4
Class Charters for 4R and 4S
Year 4 Long term planning

Year 5

Year 5.jpg

Class 5M: Mr Duncan McLeod
Class 5Y: Miss Victoria Young

Summer 2017 Timetable for 5M and 5Y
Summer 2017 Letter to Year 5
Class Charters for 5M and 5Y
Year 5 Long term planning

Year 6

Year 6 photo.jpg

Class 6W: Miss Claire Warwick
Class 6S: Miss Becky Cox

Summer 2017 Timetable for 6W and 6C
Summer 2017 Letter to Year 6
Class Charters for 6W and 6C
Year 6 Long term planning

General Information

Year Group Information